Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Kids = Just Brilliant

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Chrys Mollett said...

I just finished reading "Just Kids' last nite - holed up in my cozy winter sleeping loft on a very cold, rainy day.

I'd waited until it came out in paperback -which was quick, fortunately.

I enjoyed her beautifully remembered and well-spun odyssey of NewYork youth in late'60's - early 1970's.True-to-life documentary of my own memories of same era on the west coast....

A fine tale of two artists growing into their own (how they filled their apartments/flats) & a great love story.

Glad to have discovered your Looseleaf Report today, Victoria -
from one of your own 'just family'
Chrys Mollett
Sierra foothills
Murphys, CA